Customer Data

Enrichment & Re-Engagement

Engage and delight your costumer by using accurate segmentation and scenario based automated messaging across touch-points including Email, SMS, Twitter and Telegram

Your Common Challenge

As a brand, you might done an online/offline event and collected your customer data, but have you use those data to follow up on your customer?

Data Source

As a brand you have many customer contact data, such as data from campaign, data from event, and data from internal. Too many scattered data might make you confused if you don't have storage to store those data properly. With Sociomation, you can store all of your customer contact data by simply upload it to our platform using CSV format.


To increase the success rate, you need to deliver the right product to the right people. With Segmentation feature, you can Segmenting the customer based on their common profile.

Data Enrichment

If you doesn’t have enough customer profile data to make very good segmentation, you can enrich your customer data using our Data Enrichment Feature. By using data enrichment feature, you can connect to our data provider and get complete customer profile data to know your customer better

Scenario Retargeting

To increase effectiveness and efficiency of approaching your customer, you need to deliver your message by using right channel which customer most prefer. With our Scenario Retargeting feature, you can build omni-channel custom scenario to engage your customers with some easy step. You can save, and run the scenario anytime.



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